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Everything you need to know about Shanita’s scholarship program

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Shanita's scholarship program came about to make it possible for disadvantaged children to acquire education through a community of dedicated private donors. The program gives the children an opportunity they would otherwise not have had to build a better future for themselves. And for the contributors, an opportunity to participate in a transformative project, making a real impact in a child's life, both short and long term.

What does it mean? How does it work? Is it right for me?

Below you will find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Shanita’s scholarship program.

To understand the significance of the scholarship program, it’s important to understand the reality facing the children we work with. The program is available for children in remote areas of Uganda who are born into a world that offers them few opportunities due to extreme poverty, discrimination, gender, being refugees, and other unjust reasons. Without access to education, they have little prospects of improving their lives.

Needless to say, each of these children has a huge potential, and they deserve the basic right to education. But even before we take care of the educational aspect, Shanita helps the children by providing for their immediate needs, including a safe living environment, meals and clean water, and emotional needs. Once these needs are met, our program continues to accompany and support the children throughout the school year, to support their educational needs and ensure their success. In that way, the children benefit both in the immediate present – by having their most urgent problems solved, and in the future – through education.

Where exactly is the program offered?

The scholarship program is currently offered in areas of Uganda where no other educational assistance or program is available (neither governmental nor private). The program began in east Uganda, near Elgon Mountain, and has since expanded to Karamoja, a remote region that is considered one of the poorest areas in the world.

How does it work?

Throughout the year we identify children who need the support we offer, add their details to our database and create a waitlist. When you join the scholarship program, your monthly donation covers the scholarship of a specific child from this waitlist.

Shanita’s local team in Uganda will be notified of your joining and deliver the news to the child – for the children; this is always an incredibly exciting day! Afterward, the team will accompany the child to school, where they will be warmly welcomed by the teaching staff and other children from our program. Following an adjustment period, the child will regularly attend school with the other children and build their future.

By the time the children graduate, they will have acquired tools, knowledge, opportunities, and support that nobody will ever be able to take away from them. Moreover, it is not only the children themselves who benefit from our support, but also their families, their environment, their entire community, and their country. Therefore, as our community of donors grows, so does the potential to build independent and effective local leadership. This is a significant part of Shanita’s vision: to work together toward real, meaningful, long-term change.

Which schools do the children go to?

Shanita has teamed up with local private schools that provide all the facilities and services required to ensure the children’s well-being and success at school, such as meals, accommodation, and medical services. The school serves as a home and safe space for the children: this is where they study, sleep, eat, and spend most of their time. A comfortable, high-quality learning environment is important for the children’s academic success, development, and sense of security.

We choose the schools we work with after careful consideration, and they become important local partners in our work. However, they do not replace Shanita’s own accompaniment throughout the school year. A local team of professionals continues to accompany the children, follow their progress, and support them along the way.

How much does it cost, and what is included?

Our sponsors commit to a monthly donation of $50.

This amount covers a range of services and supplies, including:

  • Enrolment and tuition fees: payment for the school year, including three meals a day.

  • School equipment: books, notebooks, stationery, school uniform, etc.

  • Accommodation requirements: mattress, personal hygiene, clothes, shoes, etc.

  • Personal guidance: our local team accompanies all the children in the program and follows their progress.

  • Development fee: funding for a multi-generational program to support the child’s family.

  • Medical support: including special medical needs.

  • General running costs: operations and logistics.

What happens after I join?

Welcome to the family! Once you join our program, we will contact you through the email address you provided during registration and send you the details of the specific child whose scholarship you will be funding. From that day onward, as well as our regular updates, we will send you personal updates about that child, including photos and details about their progress (you may also choose not to receive personalised updates)


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