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Shanita is looking for 150 Dream-Makers!

Dear Friends and Partners, Shanita is here with a thrilling update!

Last year, I received many requests to help children in Uganda facing extreme poverty who cannot afford to go to school. Each story was more heartbreaking than the one before, But the saddest thing for me to hear was that these children had no one else to turn to for help.

In the past months, I have formed new local partnerships to grow my scholarship program.

Not only to help these children break out from poverty but also to help them pave a better future by enrolling them in schools, providing educational opportunities, and catapulting them into a better future.

As the start of the school year in Uganda is just around the corner, (January 10th)

I am starting an exciting campaign to help 150 children in Uganda who are in desperate need.

I am looking for dedicated dream-makers who will join our community of monthly sponsors and bring quality education to a child in need.

The process is simple, accessible, and meticulous, providing comprehensive support for each student - updating you with their progress and growth throughout their studies.

Your 50.00$ monthly donation can transform a child's life and present a better future not only for them but for their family, Community, and country. Together, we can make a difference!



How does the Scholarship Program operate?

Throughout the year, we locate children who need our help and register them on a waiting list.

As a sponsor, when you join the program, your monthly contribution goes directly to a specific child from that list. We see to it that you will be updated on the child's progress along the way. When the children graduate, they start their life equipped with tools, knowledge, and opportunities no one can take from them.

Where does the scholarship program operate?

The Scholarship Program operates in Uganda in remote regions that have no governmental or private educational support . It started in Eastern Uganda near Mt Elgon and spread to the Karamoja region, considered one of the most poverty-stricken regions in the world.

What is the cost, and what does it include?

Study fees - registration and payment for the school year includes three meals a day.

Personal accompaniment - A local team accompany each student, guiding them throughout the scholarship. The team is made up of local professionals who have ties to the community.

Study equipment - A variety of items including books, notebooks, stationary and school uniform.

Accommodation requirements - A mattress, bedding, hygiene, clothing shoes, etc.

Medical needs - We work with schools that can provide medical services.

Development Fee - This is a dual generation contribution, in which the student's family and wider community also experience an improved standard of living.

Join me today to make a difference!


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