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Back to life

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Dear friends and partners,

We are undoubtedly living in strange and mysterious times that will be remembered for many years to come. All over the world, people have started to adopt slogans of returning ''Back to Life'', to normalcy, to the familiar.

Unfortunately, by my dictionary, "getting back to life" is not necessarily an encouraging agenda. After all, for millions of children worldwide, the ''familiar'' has never been equal or fair.

Thanks to your support, we are changing that - step by step, student by student; we move forward to help children born into a vicious cycle of poverty from which the chances of emerging require a miracle. Together, we are creating new normality.

After a loooong wait, schools in Uganda are finally open to all.

Despite many new challenges, Shanita's scholarship program continues to run with high hopes, and I am excited to update you that, as of today, all of the program's students have started a new school year.

I Thank you, my friends and partners. Your continuous generosity and support are making a real difference.

And until you come to visit the program, here are some sweet moments from the last few weeks:

With Love,

Team Shanita

If you are not yet part of our sponsor circle, we invite you to join our cause in creating a life-changing impact. For only $50 a month, we are committed to presents a real opportunity for children from remote communities to embrace quality education as an avenue to a better future.

Join us! Make a difference.

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