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Finally, we meet!

Shanita was founded by Shiri Shem-Tov and Lior Sperandeo. 
The two come from very different professional backgrounds but, similarly,

have found themselves working in the developing arena in the last decade under various frameworks.
There, they gained a broad affinity and understanding within the field of International Development,

which is reflected in the work of Shanita.

Beyond partnership in the establishment of Shanita, 
Shiri and Lior also share a strong sense of calling for social responsibility.

ליאור ספרנדאו מייסד ארגון שניתה

Founder and Director of African Programs

Lior is a documentary cinematographer, an Emmy Award nominee who has gained worldwide recognition for his works that strive for solidarity and mutual responsibility.


In recent years he has worked closely with leading aid organizations in the field of communications. Lior is the founder of PEOPLE OF, a photography platform that gives a voice to the unheard.

שירי שם טוב מנהלת עמותת שניתה

Founder and CEO

Shiri is an educator and social activist with a BA in education and a Master's degree in Efficiency and Development for the third sector. 


In her most recent position, she directs an at-risk youth preparatory school and works voluntarily in Israel and worldwide in the field of education and human rights.

How it all started?

The two first met in 2014 in the slums of Mumbai, India, during an educational delegation and proceeded to joint volunteer work in Ethiopia. In September 2017, amid an educational assignment led by Shiri in Mexico City, The duo was caught during an earthquake that claimed many lives and caused much destruction. The trembling experience brought the beginning of a joint journey to the establishment of Shanita.

Shanita was founded in 2019 after two years of a practical pilot program conducted in Uganda together with local professionals to benefit underprivileged children, 

Throughout this period, Shiri and Lior built an array that directs economic gaps in favor of development in the field of education, emphasizing using the existing tools available to them on the ground, leaning on local communities for a sustainable future.​


'' If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to get far, go together. ''

African Proverb -

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